Mishawaka, IN

School City of Mishawaka

We helped an area high school successfully upgrade their aging HVAC equipment.

Computer screen showing the Chiller operating system

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Shambaugh provided mechanical and HVAC solutions for a retrofit project on existing magnetic bearing chillers. 

We helped the school save substantially, allowing them to direct extra funds towards further mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) projects, including a new cooling tower and a rebuild on another cooling tower.

Client Objectives

In order to be good stewards of tax payer funds, School City of Mishawaka made a decision to retrofit aging chillers located at Mishawaka High School in lieu of full replacement. 


For this project we delivered the following solutions:  

  • Brush-cleaned tubes on both condenser and evaporator barrels
  • Ran eddy current testing on condenser and evaporator tubes
  • Replaced magnetic bearing compressors
  • Replaced antiquated control panels with new micro control system and touch screen displays

Client Background 

School City of Mishawaka is located in the city of Mishawaka and serves approximately 5,200 students.