LEED Accreditation

Close up view of a gas meterFor clients seeking to improve their facility's operating and energy efficiency—while also reducing energy consumption and costs, bringing it up to LEED standards, and increasing and protecting its value—EMCOR Services Shambaugh’s LEED-accredited experts can help.

LEED— Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—is the U.S. Green Building Council's nationally accepted standard for designing, building, and operating high-performance green buildings. Through LEED's rigorous accreditation program, professionals demonstrate their mastery of green building principles and practices, as well as an understanding of the criteria a facility must satisfy for LEED certification.

EMCOR Services Shambaugh’s LEED-accredited experts can help clients achieve their most demanding green building objectives—thereby raising a building’s stature to LEED standards. That includes guiding and supporting green and LEED design, integrating systems and sub-systems to LEED standards, and expediting the LEED application and LEED accreditation process.

Like all EMCOR Group companies, we share EMCOR's commitment to providing clients with innovative and reliable green solutions. Our LEED-accredited professionals are ready with ideas, technologies, and services that can help reduce energy costs while improving productivity, sharpening competitive advantages, and increasing profitability.

Over the past several years, EMCOR Group companies have analyzed, designed, or reviewed energy projects in more than 20,000 buildings for thousands of entities in business, government, and academia. During that time, EMCOR Group companies have saved customers in excess of $250 million in annual energy costs and earned numerous national awards for energy-efficient designs.

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